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Each Super Seconds Festival, we have up to four Champions who help with the Festival. In return for helping out, you get a free spot, a spot at the top of your category,  a spotlight Instagram post and extra promotion!

If you fancy becoming a Champion, please let us know on your application form! All we ask is that you've been involved in Super Seconds Festival previously.

As a BIG thank you for becoming a Champion you'll get:

- A free spot at May 2024's Super Seconds Festival
- A guaranteed spot at future Super Seconds Festivals
- A spotlight grid post on Instagram
- A takeover day on stories on Instagram
- A chance to appear on a panel to help other makers and help promote your business
- Featured at the top of your category so you're the first maker people will see when they search 

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Kay Carter


Being a Champion is flexible and you can dedicate as much time, or as little time to it as you can. As a minimum we ask for you to: 
- Be part of a WhatsApp Group so we can keep in touch.
- Be involved in the 2 Zoom calls in the run up with the other Champions

- Be open to makers sending you questions to help them prepare
- Be involved in the Facebook group to be able to cheer other makers on and answer questions

In the past other Champions have gone Live with other makers, appeared on the maker Zoom panels and offered to have chats with makers privately to help them prepare. 

Drop us an email at if you have any further questions about becoming a Champion!
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"I felt very humbled to be made a champion. It allowed me to make new connections across a broad  range of other creatives and to pay back some of the invaluable support I had received in previous festivals. I would encourage anyone considering it to embrace the role wholeheartedly as it is so worthwhile and rewarding. The supportive, collaborative and encouraging community is what makes Super Seconds festival so special and it was wonderful to play a part in it.

- Brie Barnacle Prints

Chloe Haywood London 1.jpg

"I was delighted to be a Champion for Super Seconds Festival. It was a real privilege to have a regular (online) meetings where we could share feedback and problem solve current issues to make the festival run smoothly for the makers AND improve the experience for the future. 

What I didn’t expect (and thoroughly enjoyed) was the comardarie I got from the other Champions with me. It was a huge team effort and would do it again in a heartbeat

- Chloe Haywood London

Su France Designs 2.jpg

"Being a champion was great-  I gained new audience interaction and sales, especially from going live with other makers. I did a few chats with folk behind the scenes, with makers who were new to the event and somewhat tentative. Having recent similar experience meant I’d lots of positives and ways to make it successful to share. You can tell the community over competition element is authentic as people stay in touch afterwards. Thinking of being a champion - go for it!"

- Su France Designs

"Being a champion was a huge privilege & invaluable in building new connections with other creatives. Self employment can often be a lonely place and being a part of this event brings together  so many wonderful creatives it was like all our studios were suddenly connected in one big warehouse where we could bounce ideas and energy bringing to life our small businesses and the characters behind them. Encouraging & nurturing emerging talent as well as helping people build confidence to show their presence more felt exhilarating and I couldn’t be prouder to be associated with such a fabulous event."

- Abilu Creations

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