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About Super Seconds

The Super Seconds festival is a bi-annual event where lots of lovely makers from across the UK (and further afield!) sell their seconds/misprints/older stock at significantly reduced prices. Interested in being in the know? Sign up to Ink & Bear's newsletter to be kept in the loop! Link here

More information on Super Seconds Saturday
Ever look at indie businesses and wish you could buy EVERYTHING but realise that you can't do that with every one or you'd be super skint?! Well, Super Seconds Saturday is your chance to grab a bargain from lots of different indie makers all at once!

A lot of indie makers have seconds/misprints that just didn't go quite right - and normally a lot of these are sold off at fairs at bargain prices - but with few (or no!) fairs due to Coronavirus it means that these bargains aren't on offer!

This is your unique online opportunity to grab a bargain from LOTS of indie businesses all at once! 

Super Seconds Saturday is organised by Sophie from Ink & Bear (that's me, in the photo below!).  To keep in the loop please join Ink & Bear's newsletter here and follow along with Ink & Bear on Instagram here. 
When is Super Seconds Saturday? 
The next Super Seconds Saturday will be in March 2022- date to be announced!
Kick off on the day is 10am and after the last three Super Seconds Saturdays my top tip would be to be ready to jump on your favourite makers at 10am sharp! Fancy more top tips for buyers? Head here!
How do I grab a bargain? 

Head to the Makers Catalogue to see who you'd like to buy from - make a note of who you'd like to shop with and be ready to buy from them at 10am sharp on Super Seconds Saturday. 

You can also follow along with the hashtag #supersecondssaturday on Instagram to see which makers are taking part. Click on the makers' posts and stories to find out more - it's as simple as that! They'll then direct you to their listings on their website or Etsy/a third party website.

Follow along with Ink & Bear on Instagram to keep in the loop - (​).

What's on offer? 
There will be lots on offer - from prints, pins, ceramics, t-shirts, jewellery, cards, printed fabric goodies and loads more! All makers will be in the online catalogue for you to browse by category! Here are some of the gorgeous makers who were involved in the October 2021 event.
I'm a maker - how can I get involved?
Thank you for your interest in Super Seconds Saturday. You can find more information about joining here - the best place to find out about the next event is to sign up to my newsletter here. Last time maker spots sold out just via the newsletter so it's worth being signed up!
Can I use the hashtag even if I'm not signed up as a maker?
As a small one (wo)man band I put a lot of work into Super Seconds Saturday and have limited the numbers of makers to 275 makers to make sure that the makers who are paying to be involved get lots of involvement, support from me, and interest from buyers. Please respect this and don't use the #supersecondssaturday hashtag if you aren't signed up as a maker! I know I can't stop you... but please respect the makers who are taking part by not using the hashtag!


How does it work as a seller?

Once the catalogue is created in September you'll be added to the catalogue with a photo and a link to your website/Etsy (wherever you'd like to direct people!)-  buyers will buy from you direct via your preferred methods.
Once you're on the website buyers will be able to find you from the catalogue - the best way to boost your sales is to promote your involvement beforehand via Instagram, Facebook, newsletters, etc. There will be a Facebook group for Sophie, and other makers, to support each other in coming up with ways to increase visibility. This is all about collaboration over competition and we'll be working together as a community of indie makers to help each other!
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