Thanks for your interest in Super Seconds Festival! Are you a maker who is interesting in joining in? Great! You can find out more below! If you have any further questions, please get in touch with Sophie from Ink & Bear, who is the organiser of Super Seconds Festival (info here).

Super Seconds Festival is for independent businesses who make/design their own work - the event was set up by Ink & Bear as a response to a lack of fairs in 2020 where makers were unable to sell seconds/misprints at stalls like we normally would! This is the perfect opportunity to sell off seconds, samples, misprints and old stock - the only stipulation to get involved is that you're an indie business owner who designs/makes their own work and that you can offer discounts!

This online fair will be accessed through this website and makers will be listed by category; categories will include jewellery, ceramics, prints, art & cards, kids stuff, fabric goods, clothes, accessories, homeware and eco-friendly. As a maker you'll be able to choose four categories to be part of. Check out some of the makers below involved last October. 
Thank you for your interest in Super Seconds Festival for April 2022. You can apply under the link below:

Super Seconds Festival Application Form

This time will be a little different to previous Super Seconds events as spots will be offered via an application process. This is to ensure an even spread of types of makers to give buyers the widest variety to buy from and to ensure a stress free process for makers as you will have 2 weeks to apply. Unfortunately if I get over 250 applications I won't be able to offer everyone a spot as there are 250 maker spots available - please don't be disheartened if you don't get in this time, there will be other opportunities to get involved in the future!

Please take a look at the tips below before you apply:

Please have 4 square photos ready to submit (Three of your products and one of yourself)- one of the product photos will be used for Instagram promotion. To see examples of good photos please see the examples of makers' product photos on this page. Please make sure the photos are bright and good quality - please make sure you submit a photo you're happy with as it will be tricky to change this later!

Know which website you'd like to send buyers to. Get your website address ready with where you'd like buyers to land. 
Last time makers really liked having a Super Seconds landing page (e.g. with more info on. If you'd like to do this please make sure you include the exact link you'd like to send people to. Please note that buyers will be accessing your site in the 3 weeks before Super Seconds Festival to plan their shopping list for the big day - so it makes sense to add info/sneak previews on a specific landing page so they know what to expect! Please note that whilst makers who sell only on Instagram via stories/DM/Posts will be ok to take part, this isn't encouraged as a way of selling as many buyers have fed back that they find this a tricky way to buy!
There is a £25 joining fee to get involved as a maker - for the joining fee you'll get LOADS of benefits:
  • Featured as a maker on this website under categories (e.g. jewellery, ceramics, prints and cards, etc.). You will have your own page that buyers can click through to to see photos, website links and links to your social media accounts.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for makers to support each other in the run up to the event - this is a great peer to peer network! This private group will include top tip videos/info and a space to ask as many questions as you like about Super Seconds Festival!
  • Invited to group video panels in the run up to the event - these panels will cover topics such as preparing your Instagram and website for the event, how to best promote yourself and how to make the most of Super Seconds Festival. Makers have previously fed back that these panels are very useful! Recordings sent out afterwards for people who can't attend live!
  • Promoted on the Super Seconds Festival Instagram  via stories and posts.
  • An opportunity to get involved in Instagram Lives in the run up to help promote your business - this will be done on a raffle basis if lots of people want to get involved!
  • The perfect opportunity to save on waste, sell off old stock and make some room. Makers also said it was the perfect testing bed for new ideas as they knew they had a space to sell testers! Last time 75% of makers (from a survey of 121 makers involved in Super Seconds Saturday in Feb 2021) said that they made more sales than they were expecting!
  • Learning opportunities - Access to feedback after the event about what worked and what could have been improved so you can learn for future events!
  • An opportunity to be involved with a wonderful, supportive group of indie makers! We collectively will use a hashtag to bring us together through an Instagram challenge in the run up, and then on the day so buyers have the website and Instagram as a way to find bargains!
What makers said about being involved last time:

75% of makers made more sales than they expected

​80% of makers had more website visits than they expected

"The group morale, the build up, community vibe, being a part of something special and something important to independent makers!"


"It gave me the opportunity to sell things I've had languishing for ages. It was really well structured. I felt supported and loved the community aspect. Plus I made loads of sales!" 


"Brilliant community spirit, so fab having the Zooms in the run up as so many great tips to help get sorted, SOOOOO well organised!!!!!"


"Excellent promotion, lead up and buzz about it. Felt like doing an in-person market. Faultless organisation and support, absolutely loved it!"



Once the Maker Line Up is created in March you'll be added to the Line Up with several photos and a link to your website/Etsy (wherever you'd like to direct people!)-  buyers will buy from you direct via your preferred methods.
Once you're on this website, buyers will be able to find you from the Maker Line Up Catalogue - the best way to boost your sales is to promote your involvement beforehand via Instagram, Facebook, newsletters, etc. There will be a Facebook group for Sophie, and other makers, to support each other in coming up with ways to increase visibility. This is all about collaboration over competition and we'll be working together as a community of indie makers to help each other!
Of course, the more the merrier! But please be aware that the majority of the audience for Super Seconds are UK based so please consider postage and the impact of a UK audience prior to joining in.
As a small one (wo)man band I put a lot of work into Super Seconds and have limited the numbers of makers to 250 makers to make sure that the makers who are paying to be involved get lots of involvement, support from me, and interest from buyers. Please respect this and don't use the #supersecondsfestival or #supersecondssaturday hashtag if you aren't signed up as a maker! I know I can't stop you... but please respect the makers who are taking part by not using the hashtag!